History of RMD

For more than 20 years RMD has been applying a corporate philosophy that has endured throughout its lifetime, where environmental respect and protection are main postulates. Development, establishment, and consolidation of this exciting project (which has lead to current reality of RMD) have been marked by many milestones throughout its history.

Pick a Year:  1991     1994     1997    2000    2004    2007    2011

1991: Birth of RMD.

In 1991, year of foundation, RMD started operating at rented facilities in the locality of Ribaseca (Leon), providing with an environmentally-friendly alternative to current cable scrap recycling process (by means of uncontrolled burning), applying instead an innovative electro-mechanical process that gave considerable quality and added value standards to final products.



1994: Birth of RMD Cataluña.

RMD Cataluña was founded in 1994, consisting of one plant located in Bigues I Riells (Barcelona), destined to be the transfer center of raw metal materials, and for electro-mechanical recycling to a small-scale.




1997: New Activity, Tire-Recycling.

With same vision and clarity of initial project of cable recycling, and with wide knowledge of this industry; in 1997 we decided to diversify our operations so we didn’t depend on metal markets fluctuations anymore, so we decided to bet on the recycling of other type of waste, particularly one that, by that time, industry had failed to provide an environmental solution for (and still hasn’t provided).

We undertook then an ambitious R&D project for polymer and elastomer recycling, essentially based on end-of-life tire recycling (ELTs), and started to look out for new applications for materials obtained.

This way two new business divisions were born: An industrial one, providing with clear and efficient solutions to fulfilling ecologic goals (as established in Spanish Regulations) by means of ELT recycling, in order to obtain rubber granules for different uses. And a technological division, where RMD designs, manufactures and commercializes machines and processes for various recycling purposes.


2000: New Facilities in Leon.

In 1998 we decided to widen our productive capacity, adapting to new recycling technologies, which necessarily meant having infrastructure and facilities in line with our industrial expansion project. Having in mind that facilities in Ribaseca did not meet these expectations, we started searching for the setting out of the company and so we obtained the administrative authorizations required (named “buildings and facilities of public utility and social interest”) for present factory in Ardoncino. This factory was build between 1999 and 2000, on a 115.000 m2 land area with initial occupation of 50.000 m2. In year 2001, operations were transferred to the new factory, now with one 4.300 m2 plant and 2 other buildings for offices and changing rooms with an 850 m2 area. This factory is for cable, plastic, rubber and end-of-life tire recycling.


2004: Expansion and investments in other companies.

In year 2004 we undertook RMD international expansion, becoming shareholders of GESCOMETAL 2002, S.L. (12%), with head office in Langreo (Asturias), VALPAC (49%), with head office in Ichoux-Burdeos (France) and RMD-Americas (10%), based in Rockledge (Florida-USA), Marion (Kentucky-USA) and Plainfield (Connecticut-USA). All of them dedicated to ELT-recycling by means of technology and “know how” provided by RMD.

  • Empresas Participadas
Langreo, Asturias (España) +

Gescometal 2002


Ychoux, Burdeos (Francia). +



Rockeledge (Florida), Plaintfield (Kentucky), Marion (Connecticut), USA. +

RMD Americas

Estados Unidos


2007: New Facilities in RMD Barcelona.

In 2007 takes place the opening of new facilities of RMD in Cataluña, located in Santa Perpetua de La Mogoda (Barcelona), on a 35.000 m2 plot including 3 plants with a 5700 m2 area and one building for offices and other uses with a 1.750 m2 area. This factory is for collecting, classifying and transporting cable, aluminum and other metal waste, so it is subsequently recycled at RMD facilities in Ardoncino.


2007: Facilities in Seville.

We could have hardly imagined back in early 2001, when we decided by means of business strategy to expand RMD to southern Spain.

This business project was established in the PAMA (Environmental Activities Park Aznalcollar) on an area of 107,500 m2. Two plants were built, with a total area of 8,350 m2, and also an office building of 545 m2. The factory, which opened in 2007, was designed for collection, classification and recycling of wire and aluminum waste, metals in general and also rubber and used-tire waste.


2007: Morocco, RMD becomes a Multinational.

Benefiting from the synergies generated by relocation to Morocco of worldwide leading manufacturers (mostly wiring coming from automotive industry) which involved wonderful recycling prospects for manufacturing rejects; we made the decision in 2007 to establish our logistics base at Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in Tangier.



2011: Opening of New Facilities in Casablanca.

Due to the expansion of the company, and for a better coverage of the North African country, RMD opened a new location in the industrial area of the City Mohammedia, close to Casablanca, the nerve centre of business operations in Morocco.