• Caucho encapsulado

    Filltech © es la mejor opción para el relleno de campos de hierba artificial. El caucho encapsulado no contiene polvo, así como elimina el olor a caucho del campo.
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  • Tracktech Athletics ©

    Sistema Certificado IAAF de una sola capa de 15mm, para pistas atléticas. Ahorra costes y tiempo con este innovador sistema.
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  • Alcorques de caucho.

    Sistema de caucho para la decoración de alcorques, totalmente inocuo para el árbol, permitiendo al tronco su normal desarrollo, siendo además drenante.
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  • Parques Infantiles

    Parques Infantiles Amplia gama de productos para Parques Infantiles, destacan nuestro sistema exclusivo para Superficies de seguridad llenas de color y con posibilidades infinitas de diseño.
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RMD is a recycling company established worldwide, with headquarters in Leon, and locations in Barcelona, Seville, Tangier and Casablanca.
We operate within the Recycling Industry, and we recycle, among others, products with metal content and end-of-life tires, from which we obtain rubber.

image Copper and aluminum cables. +


Copper - Aluminun- Iron

image Rubber for Sports Surfaces and other uses. +



imageNew! RMD Franchise, know more! +


Machines and Turn-key Facilities


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El Pavimento para Gimnasios Outdoor

14-01-2015 Hits:399 Noticias RMD

El Pavimento para Gimnasios Outdoor

  El pavimento Tracktech Multisport ® es el elemento que completa un buen gimnasio outdoor.

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Parques Infantiles en Perú con caucho a todo color.

12-01-2015 Hits:457 Noticias RMD

Parques Infantiles en Perú con caucho a todo color.

RMD consolida su posición como empresa referente en calidad e innovación en  los parques infantiles en Perú.

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Innpacto 2001, Valorización de residuos poliméricos en materiales cementicios.

15-05-2014 Hits:2169 Noticias RMD

Innpacto 2001, Valorización de residuos poliméricos en materiales cementicios.

RMD participa, junto con otras empresas,en un proyecto de carácter medioambiental presentado a la convocatoria INNPACTO 20011 y que ha sido recientemente aprobado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación,...

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Proyecto en Kuwait.

10-05-2013 Hits:43353 Noticias RMD Noticias RMD

Proyecto en Kuwait.

RMD  colabora con su socio local Mawared House, en el que va a ser uno de los proyecto más importantes del 2013 en lo que se refiere a campos de fútbol...

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Filltech ®, its quality makes the difference.

Along with the quality of the synthetic grass of every pitch, the other element that marks the quality is the infill, which provides the pitch with the required properties for playing, and also with a comfort sensation for the players. Filltech ® outstands from existing infilling in the market, because of its quality and competitiveness when it comes to the Quality/Price ratio.

Filltech ® Top and Top  are color-coated products, which eliminate the annoying rubber smell from the pitches.

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Used tires ara a problem which gets bigger every day. The designs and uses developed by RMD try to innovate and give a solution to this problem.

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Press Release

RMD Franchises


Would you like to implement our project? RMD has developed a franchise system for guiding recycling projects with our trademark, and therefore ensure the project success.




Work with Us, in RMD you can find different professional careers and at different locations so, if you want to be a part or our team, send us your Curriculum.



Outdoor Rubber Planters.


These planters have all properties that rubber has to offer to landscaping. They are highly resistant to tough weather conditions. The material they are made of is hard and flexible, which makes them extremely difficult to brake, and therefore perfect for protecting against vandalism. It is also draining material, so there is no need for holes for water evacuation, and this prevents floors from getting dirty.
There is a wide range of models and sizes, which makes them an aesthetic solution for proffesionals, homes, public areas, etc.


1. Anti-vandal material.
 2. Wheatherproof.
 3. Does not crack over time.
 4. Non-toxic.
 5. Resistant, intensive use.
 6. Inexpensive, compared to other products with similar properties.

   7. Lower maitenance costs.
 8. World-wide supply.
 9. Different models.
10. Environmentally friendly.
11. UV Stable.
12. Recycled and recyclable product.
13. Draining material, no need for holes for water evacuation.


Mod. J60

60x60x40 cm
58 kg. aprox.

Mod. J100

100x40x40 cm
69 kg. aprox.

Mod. Roma

77x26x46 cm
22 kg. aprox.


Mod. Roma

45x10x14 cm
4 kg. aprox.

  •    • Mod. J60: Palet 12 Uds.                    • Mod. J100: Palet 9 Uds.

To ask for more information on this product, or make an order:


Distribuidores y Delegaciones

RMD dispone de una gran red internacional de distribuidores e instalaciones propias:
Plantas de Producción: León y Sevilla (España)
Almacenes Logísticos: Barcelona (España), Tanger y Casablanca (Marruecos), y Lima (Perú).
Distribuidores: Argelia, Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile y Kuwait.

Si en tu país no hay Distribuidor, pide Información

RMD en el mundo