Infill material for synthetic pitches

SBR and color-coated rubbers for artificial grass pitches.


Filltech © Rubber granules are the best option for artificial grass pitches. It adapts to all kinds of specific requirements, such as grass height and density, which are different considering the type of sport; football, hockey, cricket, rugby, or indoor sports. Our trademark is pioneer in this industry, and our best and innovative product is coated SBR. Tested by well known laboratories, our product boasts of impressive levels of resistance against wear and tear, and durability against external and internal heating.


 1. Odorless.
 2. Lower Granule Temperature.
 3. Resistant to Extreme Weather Conditions.
 4. Dust-free.
 5. Resistant, intensive use.
 6. Inexpensive, compared to other products with similar properties. 

         7. Lower Maintenance Costs.
 8. World-wide Supply.
 9. Water-saving.
10. Environmentally friendly.
11. UV Stable.
12. Recycled and Recycable product.
13. Natural ball bouncing.



  • Caucho de Relleno hierba artificial

    Granulometría: 0.6-2mm

    Colores:Caucho Negro

  • Filltech Top

    Granulometría: 0.8-2.5mm

  • Granulometría: 0.8-2.5mm

    Doble Encapsulado
  • Gran Formato: Big Bag 2m3

    Formato Pequeño: Sacos 20 kg.


Our products are suitable to obtain FIFA certifications for synthetic football pitches that require them. If you want more information on our certifications and documents related, please contact our Sales Department.

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A few examples on Rubber Infilling using Filltech RMD