Tree Pits

Tree Pits.


Arborea © consists of an elastic rubber system for decorating trees, which prevents dirt from staining sidewalks, and also protects pedestrians from falling or accidents of other kind.
Totally harmless for trees, permits normal growth of trunks, since it is flexible material. Allows perfect draining, for it doesn't block regular water flow into the tree.


• Removal of Architectural Barriers.
• Increased walking area in sidewalks.
• Lower maintenance costs.
• Environmentally friendly, water saving, plus it is recycled material.
• Protects trees, as it allows regular draining.
• Public roads and streets are cleaner, as it prevents dirt from accumulating, weeds from growing, etc.

The System:

Our system is a bilayer system, composed of two types of rubber which, combined, provide the tree pits with draining and elastic properties that other existing systems in the market do not meet. We should also mention that it has a quick and easy installation, for it doesn't require any special qualification for it.

The Elastic Base is 30mm thick, and the Decorative Outer Layer 10mm (available in various colors and designs to choose from). The product is put together with a special binder, included in the installation kit. The system is marketed by m2, and it is supplied with all necessary materials for installation (Elastic Rubber Base, Decorative Outer Layer and Binder Arborea).



  • COLORES: Verde • Verde Osuro • Arena • Rojo • Marrón  • Mix 3 • Mix 4

    Colores decolor
  • ArboreaEl formato de venta del Sistema Arborea es por m2.

    Suministrándose todo lo necesario para confeccionar ese m2 de alcorques, es decir, el material necesario para la base elástica, la capa decorativa y el aglutinante Arborea.

  • Gran Formato: Big Bag 2m3

      Formato Pequeño: Sacos 20 kg.(Base Elástica y Capa Decorativa)


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